A new downloadable mental health awareness course that you can undertake at your own speed, in the privacy of your own surroundings with no pressure.


By taking this course you will gain more knowledge and awareness about the subject of mental health plus more confidence to start the conversations about this important topic. You will also get some tips for managing your own stress levels and mental health and lots of encouraging support as well as facts and information.


Educating ourselves about mental health is so important. It helps us build awareness to help ourselves and others, manage our own stress levels, spot the signs of mental ill health and gives us confidence to talk openly, honestly and without judgement about a subject that is still considered a taboo and shrouded with stigma.


This new confidence and awareness you will gain from this course is a massive step towards building your own knowledge and understanding. The more knowledge we have, the more support we can give others to keep them there, in the good part of their mental health continuum, and to help people stop spiralling downwards.


Plus, the more conversations we can host around mental health will help remove the stigma.


By making mental health a priority, developing our Knowledge and starting conversations we can quite literally save lives and I think that’s pretty amazing.







On purchase you will receive the following bundle to download:


•Introduction Video

•PDF Welcome Letter

•Module 1 Learning Video

•Module 2 Learning Video

•Module 3 Learning Video

•PDF Workbook

•PDF Information & Slides

•Bonus Video


None of the content is designed to shock and is delivered factually, safely and sensitively, but please be mindful of your own vulnerability and triggers and make sure you are in a good mental space to undertake this course.


The steps I took to building my own knowledge and confidence around mental health brought me resilience, hope and happiness, and that’s what I want to bring to more people, by talking about the subjects that matter, raising the stigma and developing awareness.


When you have completed this course, you will feel more enlightened, aware and confident in mental health. You can then help to develop a culture of honesty and openness, and most importantly help people feel more supported and stronger. You can help lift the stigma and be more aware of signs of mental ill health in yourself and others. You will gain skills and confidence to spot signs of mental ill health and talk openly.


By completing this course and gaining more awareness around mental health you will be on the path to quite literally saving lives by starting valuable conversations and signposting people to the appropriate professional support, and I think that’s amazing.


I know this course will help you become more confident and aware about mental health, but if you need a little extra support to feel satisfied in that, I will be on hand to work with you directly and you can take the opportunity to grab a 1-2-1 call with me to help. If you’re still not satisfied after that call, I’ll give you your money back.

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