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"Music, writing and sharing stories is what made us happy and I'm delighted to share that with you."

19th October 2019 - New Blog Post

Read my latest blog 'The Last Time We Spoke' over at www.createmyhappy.co.uk



10th October 2019 - World Mental Health Day


To mark #worldmentalhealth day I've made three announcements today all around mental health.

* New resources and workshops dedicated to mental health in brass bands. Find out more at www.modeforpublishing com

* New service for wedding couples and industry professionals putting mental health and wellbeing ahead of planning. More at www.modeforevets.co.uk

* My new book 'The Three Taboos: Cancer, Grief & Mental Health' will be released on 18th May 2020



28th July 2019 - We have a new look!


I met with the amazingly talented designed Gina Cox-Roberts who has given Mode for... and myself a complete professional re-brand. I will write an in-depth blog on the whole process as it was intense and personal and truly transformative, but first I want to get all that I leaned about the Mode for... and my personal brand in place and that may take a few more weeks of digesting before implementation.


A brand is much, much more than a logo; but suffice to say that Simon is quite literally the heartbeat of the business now. Want to know a little more? Pop over to the Mode for... Facebook page and read my post on the process.

Much Love

Tabby xxx




20th July 2019 - Tabby Presents New Mental Health in Brass Bands Research


Earlier today Tabby presented the findings of her recent research into the current state of mental health in brass bands at the International Brass Festival in Durham.


This research and presentation is just the start of the conversation Tabby has opened up into a subject very close to he heart and she will be continuing her work in the future.


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