All About Me...

Hi, I'm Tabby!


Emotional fitness coach, writer, conversationalist, widow (hate the word!), Mum, musician, mental health advocate & trainer.


I am what I do. I am me. Tabby; the person who will ask you 'how are you feeling?' with every intention to hear the real answer, however hard that may be and be there for you when you need it. It's the hardest question to ask and respond to when it's asked with intent, but it's the most important.


I walk through life with those of you who feel stressed, overwhelmed and anxious to help you move forwards with resilience, hope and happiness to feel calm, in control and emotionally fit.


Why? Because when I needed someone most there was no-one and I didn't know where to turn. That was when I was 15-years-old and my Dad was diagnosed with cancer; he died when I was 16-years-old and I never got the support or counsel I should have done.


I bottled my emotions, suppressed them for over a decade; and then I spiralled, living with anxiety and depression.


I saw the dark side of my life but with the incredible love and support of the love and sunshine of my life, my husband and business partner Simon, I created my mantra of #createmyhappy and I worked on the causes of my mental health issues to become resilient, hopeful and happy using my philosophy of The Three Ps: Possibility, Productivity & Performance.


Simon and I helped, loved and supported each other and I owe him all my happy memories. We had both experienced heartache, divorce, failure and mental ill health during our lifetimes, but together we healed; we gave each other strength. We were a mirror to each other's souls.


In early 2018 I started my #createmyhappy revolution and began to refine what had helped me to get through the dark times, emotionally, physically and financially, whilst running and developing a business and being a wife and mum.


The Three Ps  was born. I knew that there was always possibility and that, with productivity, you can perform the hell out of your life and business; and I wanted to share this with everyone.


In November 2018, Simon died following a four-month illness and at the point where my world should have shattered I realised how strong and resilient I was and that, even when living with grief, you can be happy, satisfied and successful.


I realised that Simon hadn't fixed everything for me; he'd given me the skills to fix myself so when the worst thing hit my life I did not spiral with mental ill health again. I consolidated and developed and I continue that every day both for him and because of him.


That is why I now devote so much of my life to coaching, writing and speaking; to help others based on my experiences and continued learning.  


I have two published books:


The Three Ps: Possibility, Productivity & Performance available HERE


The Three Taboos: Cancer, Grief and Mental Health available HERE


On this #createmyhappy website you can find out more about my coaching, groups and mental health training as an instructor for Mental Health First Aid England.


You'll also find plenty of resources so you can be motivated, inspired and #createmyhappy


Much Love


Tabby xxx

Why you need me...


Through my proven strategy of The Three Ps: Possibility, Productivity and Performance, I will help you move forward with positivity for resilience, hope and happiness.


Working with me will leave you feeling calm, in control and emotionally fit.



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